Where Are The Feminists Supporting Gina Carano?

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Gina Carano’s transition from MMA to Hollywood is the kind of story feminists salivate over. Heck, her career checks so many woke boxes it’s like she was created in a lab for just such a purpose.

So where are the Hollywood feminists following her disgraceful erasure from both Disney+’s “The Mandalorian” and the United Talent Agency (UTA), over allegedly unacceptable social media posts?

Amy Schumer? Sarah Silverman? Scarlett Johansson? Chloe Grace Moretz? Jane Fonda? Chelsea Handler? The Women’s March, for that matter?

Has any actress, proudly feminist or otherwise, rallied to Carano’s side? If not now … when?

Carano shattered the MMA’s glass ceiling by making female fighters more than a sideshow. Her short but potent MMA career made that possible, capped by her 2009 battle with Cris Cyborg. Carano lost that fight, but the battle made history anyway. It was the first time a female match served as a major MMA attraction’s main event.

Carano, nicknamed “Conviction,” compiled an impressive record en route to that fight. She still bravely left the sport behind to pursue an acting career.

Many athletes attempt a similar career switch. And for every Dwayne Johnson or Dave Bautista, there are dozens who flame out in spectacular fashion.

Think Brian Bosworth, Dennis Rodman, Shaquille O’Neal, and Orenthal James Simpson.

Not Carano.

She nailed a major role in a Steven Soderbergh film, 2011’s “Haywire,” and never looked back, leveraging her pugilistic skills on one movie set after the other. She bounced from strong supporting turns to leading lady gigs where she was the center of attention.

On screen, Carano captured everything the woke Left wants in an actress. Her characters routinely kicked butt, saved the day, or otherwise took charge of the scenes in question.

She was a force of nature, beating both male and female villains with her considerable real-world fighting skills.

She could be the poster child for the #MeToo Hollywood revolution. And yet the industry can’t spare a syllable on her behalf.

The story gets even more interesting.

UFC president Dana White has a checkered past with Carano. He once called the former fighter “the hardest human being we’ve ever dealt with,” from a negotiation point of view. White had hoped to pair Carano against fellow superstar Ronda Rousey in 2014. That battle never happened, and White clearly regrets it.

Their history is even more complicated, with the kind of twist that would, and should, send feminists scrambling to Carano’s side.

Carano claims White sent her “profane” text messages at one point, something that factored into her decision to turn down any UFC entreaties.

White still rallied to Carano’s side this week.

“Leave Gina alone,” White said. “Listen, we make mistakes. We all make mistakes.”

If White can speak up on the star’s behalf, why can’t actresses who claim to support women do the same?

Hilaria Baldwin has received more support from celebrities than Carano has so far.

Alec Baldwin’s wife famously pretended to have deep Spanish cultural roots while soaking up fame on Instagram and elsewhere.

It was a well-orchestrated lie, one she manicured over the years, but finally fell apart late last year. She literally appropriated another culture, an absolute no-no in woke circles, and yet Hollywood hasn’t attacked her in any fashion (the press covered for her, too).

The late night comics couldn’t find the funny in her story, either.

Meanwhile, three female stars attempted to do damage control on Baldwin’s behalf. Amy Schumer apologized for inadvertently stirring up HilariaGate in the first place. Schumer poked fun at Hilaria Baldwin on social media, and when Baldwin fired back, some noticed the lack of a Spanish accent.

Later, Schumer called Hilaria Baldwin “amazing” and wished her as many visits to Spain as she can muster.

Salma Hayek joined Schumer in defending her cultural appropriation.

“Why are they going after this woman?” Hayek exclaimed. “Why are they going after this wonderful girl, great mother, wonderful wife? I mean, Alec has never been better. She makes him happy. Why are they going after this woman?”

Sharon Stone piled on, making an odd comparison to Baldwin’s struggles with the LGBTQ community.

It’s hardly a wave of support, but it’s something. And it’s far more than Carano has earned so far from her peers for speaking her mind and having her social media messages grossly distorted by our corrupt press.

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Author: Christian Toto

Source: Daily Wire : Where Are The Feminists Supporting Gina Carano?