When Do We Get An Apology From The Media For Glorifying Andrew Cuomo?

By Eddie Scarry February 17th, 2021 | Image Source: Washington Examiner

Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has finally come around to sort of admitting that his directive, forcing nursing homes to accept patients who had COVID-19, likely led to a lot of infections and deaths. But when are the media, Hollywood, and the book publishing industry going to apologize for propping him up as a pandemic hero?

Under Cuomo’s leadership, New York has consistently been among the top two worst states for coronavirus-related deaths. It also has an unemployment rate that is 2 percentage points higher than the nation as a whole.

That’s not to say Cuomo should carry the full burden of just how bad his state is doing. But it’s all worth considering after liberals tried so hard to cast him as a bold and competent manager of the coronavirus. He’s been anything but that.

A Cuomo administration official is on tape admitting that they deliberately withheld information about coronavirus-related deaths in New York nursing homes and that they did it for political reasons. There is no way around it: Cuomo was engaged in a cover-up.

And even as he was doing that, Crown Publishing gave him a book deal to lionize himself. The Television Academy gave him an Emmy. The New York Times last year described Cuomo’s televised briefing performances as “articulate, consistent and often tinged with empathy.” They were, the paper said, “must-see television.” The New York Times also likened the briefings to a “tender embrace.” U.S. News and World Report was equally impressed with Cuomo’s “take-charge attitude” at the briefings, describing him as “a comforting leader” who had become “America’s governor.”

Cuomo is likely responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of completely avoidable deaths, plus a cover-up. America’s governor!

When are all the people who boosted Cuomo going to admit their mistake?

Author: Eddie Scarry, Commentary Writer

Source: Washington Examiner : When do we get an apology from the media for glorifying Andrew Cuomo?