Viva Biden: Smugglers Cheer As Arrows Show The Path Into US

By Paul Bedard April 02th, 2021 | Image Source: Washington Examiner

Business for human traffickers has never been better at the U.S.-Mexico border, and they are thanking the president with chants of “Viva Biden” when they deliver their latest group of illegal immigrants.

In a new video from Senate Republicans who visited the border last week, cellphones not only captured the shouts but showed how U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been forced to place yellow arrows to show entry points for processing and likely freedom.

“The smugglers are on the other side. They’re waving flashlights, they’re talking, we can hear them,” said Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, one of several shown on the banks of the Rio Grande last Thursday night.

Listening to chants from the Mexican side of the river, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said, “They’re saying ‘Viva Biden!’”

Guided by Border Patrol to the river crossing used by smugglers since President Biden withdrew restrictions imposed by former President Trump, some of the 18 members of the Senate Republican Conference turned their cell phone cameras to the yellow arrows on the ground.

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton said, “There are literally signs on the ground point these migrants in the direction to the Border Patrol agents. Because they are not running away from the Border Patrol, they are running to the Border Patrol because they know that Joe Biden’s policies enable them to stay in this country, even when they have no legal right to stay in this country.”

He added, “We may be facing pretty soon 250,000 migrants crossing our border every month.”

Montana Sen. Steve Daines, referring to the yellow arrows placed by the Border Patrol, said, “They literally have stopped building the wall and instead now are putting arrows down to direct where illegals go so they can be apprehended and processed. It’s absolutely crazy.”

In an earlier video released Tuesday from the same area, the senators were shown a “clandestine” administration processing center under a bridge.

In both, the lawmakers are critical of Biden’s open-door policy that has led thousands of migrants to leave Mexican holding areas and cross into the United States, where families and young illegal immigrants are processed into the country.

But they are also using the video to call for long-sought changes to immigration laws and the closing of multiple loopholes that let illegal immigrants slip into the U.S. to seek asylum, which often comes with work permits and Social Security cards.

Obviously moved by what she saw, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine called the situation “inhumane.”

Author: Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist>

Source: Washington Examiner : Video: ‘Viva Biden’ cheer smugglers, arrows show path into US