Unemployment Rate And Inflation Rate Continue Rising Under Struggling Biden Economy


President Biden and his far-left advisers have “succeeded” in something only President Jimmy Carter before him has done — having both surging inflation AND a rising unemployment rate.

“Nonfarm payrolls increased by 850,000 workers in June as the unemployment rate ticked up to 5.9%, the Labor Department said Friday,” Fox Business reported.

Much of that can be likely attributed to conservative states that have ended increased unemployment benefits, pushing people to actually get a job instead of staying at home and getting welfare.

“The jobs gains came as at least 26 states have ended or announced plans to end the $300 per week supplemental unemployment benefits that are scheduled to expire in September,” Fox Business reported.

“There were 6.8 million, or 4.4%, fewer workers than in February 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic caused much of the economy to shut down,” the business news site reported.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has opened the floodgates to illegal migrants, who will drive down wages by taking money under the table.

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Author: Staff Editor

Source: Brigitte Gabriel : Unemployment rate and inflation rate continue rising under struggling Biden Economy