Two House Republicans Create Campus Free Speech Caucus To Stand Up For The First Amendment

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Two House Republicans have launched a new caucus designed to defend free speech specifically as it relates to college campuses.

Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Kat Cammack of Florida created the new caucus, which was announced on Monday morning, and are planning to bring awareness to what they characterize as an unfair environment for conservative students on college campuses.

“The First Amendment is under attack on campuses across the country,” Jordan said in a statement. “Every day, students and faculty are forced to self-censor out of fear that they will be ‘canceled’ by the mob. The Campus Free Speech Caucus, led by Rep. Kat Cammack and inspired by [Young America’s Foundation], will work with Congress to push back on ‘woke’ cancel culture and defend freedom for Americans everywhere.”

The caucus, which is joined by Young America’s Foundation, will aim to educate other legislators about alleged anti-conservative biases found on college campuses nationwide. As a part of its founding, Jordan and Cammack will meet with YAF leadership and students on a monthly basis to learn about current situations.

Cammack said they’re “sending the message that free speech is not only a constitutional right but also a core freedom that must be preserved on college campuses across the country. At a time when university leadership and students are caving to the pressure of liberal progressivism, my colleagues in Congress will stand up for the First Amendment and ensure all have the right to exercise their thoughts and ideas freely and without persecution.”

Cammack, in an interview on Fox & Friends Monday morning, called college campuses “indoctrination camps” and said she wasn’t too far removed from being “attacked” during her own college experiences.

“As the youngest Republican woman in Congress today, it wasn’t too long ago that I found myself as an undergraduate student being attacked by my Latin American politics professor, telling me that all white Republican men are the source of world conflict,” she said. “So, I myself have experienced the harassment, the vitriol from the liberal Left on college campuses, and now we have students across the country that are being attacked, they are being vilified.”

Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, the current president of YAF, said in a statement, “The Campus Free Speech Caucus will help us fight back and ensure all voices can be heard on campus” because “free speech is guaranteed in our Constitution. It should be revered on our college campuses. Sadly, this is where it’s most at risk.”

Author: Mike Brest, Breaking News Reporter

Source: Washington Examiner : Two House Republicans create Campus Free Speech Caucus to ‘stand up for the First Amendment’