Trump Supporters Erect 10-Foot Sign Along LA Freeway, Quickly Gets Torn Down By City Crews


Supporters of President Trump erected a giant 10-foot Hollywood-like sign along Interstate 405 in Los Angeles on Tuesday, only for it to be torn down by a city crew within hours.

KTLA reported the sign, estimated to be ten feet high, was facing northbound traffic near Getty Center Drive in the Sepulveda Pass. The sign — which appeared to be a significant distance from the roadway — was deemed a “traffic hazard” by the California Highway Patrol.

“The sign had been placed in an area with dry brush, and the reporting party was apparently concerned it could spark a blaze,” the news station reported the police incident log stated.

Here’s another angle:

In a matter of hours, city crews were dispatched to rip it down:

According to CBS 2, workers were on the scene by 9:00 a.m.

At least one person hoped a fire would be started to burn down the sign:

“Can we get a fire on that hill again but just on the sign?” he wondered.

KTLA reported the hill has been burned several times by wildfires, including the Getty Fire last year, as well as the Skirball Fire in December 2017.

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Author: Kyle Olson

Source: Breitbart: Trump Supporters Erect 10-Foot Sign Along L.A. Freeway — It’s Promptly Torn Down