Trump Needs To Pressure Biden To Come Clean On Court Packing


The Biden-Harris Court Dance Is Getting Old
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Anyone who is paying close attention to the Joe Biden campaign has probably noticed that there isn’t a lot of heft to his policy positions. That’s one of the reasons he does the drunk frat boy shtick during debates — he’s just not a big thinker.

Democrats are throwing one very long temper tantrum over President Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and her confirmation hearings, which begin today. Part of that tantrum has been threatening to add Supreme Court justices if Joe Biden wins in November. Biden himself has been rather cranky and coy on the subject though. Kamala Harris also avoided providing a direct answer when asked about it during the vice-presidential debate last week.

Now the Dems are getting a little bizarre about covering for Grandpa Gropes on the court question. Stacey wrote a post yesterday examining some of the strange new talking points coming from Democrats who are out running interference while Joe nibbles Melba toast in is basement:

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have refused to answer whether their administration will support the idea of adding seats to the Supreme Court. What is commonly referred to as court-packing has been threatened by leading Democrats, like Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, with his “nothing is off the table” comments. Many left-wing commentators are openly calling for packing the court in light of the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Court.

Biden has gone so far as to say voters do not deserve an answer to the question before the election. This attitude has become problematic, as even corporate media members have begun to ask him about it. Vice President Mike Pence did a great job of pointing out the campaign’s refusal to answer during his debate with Harris.

This morning, a strange new talking point started emerging from Democrats and their allies in the media. They began to assert that it was Republicans who had engaged in court-packing.

They’re equating the regular filling of court vacancies with “packing” the court, as if the president has control over when justices retire or die.

This is on top of the nonsensical spin that Trump shouldn’t have nominated anyone because “the election is already underway” thanks to the fraudfest that is early voting.

Predictably, it gets worse when Biden himself speaks on the subject. Biden says that what Trump has done is “unconstitutional” because he’s apparently never read the Constitution. Even lefty hack Jake Tapper had to call b.s. on that while interviewing Biden’s campaign manager on Sunday. From my colleague Beth Baumann at Townhall:

CNN’s Jake Tapper shredded Biden Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield for the former vice president and his team running with the idea filling a Supreme Court vacancy during an election year is unconstitutional. According to Bedingfield, the Republican-controlled Senate shouldn’t move forward with confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett because “people are voting.”

“He said what [the GOP] is doing is not Constitutional. How is it not constitutional what they’re doing?” Tapper asked.

“His point is that the people have the opportunity to weigh in on this constitutional process through their vote,” Bedingfield explained. “And we are now in the midst of the election. Millions of people have already cast their votes. And you see that the vast majority of people say they want the person who wins the election on November 3rd to nominate the justice.”

“That’s a poll. That’s not the Constitution,” Tapper clapped back.

That’s rough when you’re a Dem and you’ve lost CNN.

This obfuscation is tedious. Team Biden-Harris is dancing around it because they’re desperate to pick off undecided and independent voters and they know that threatening retribution after the election may not go over so well. That’s precisely why President Trump needs to turn up the heat on this issue. Biden likes to present himself as a moderate and the man who’s going to unite the country. The president should expose the radical, partisan retribution plans Biden has if he wins.

In reality, almost everything the Democrats have been talking about in the last month or two is deeply divisive. Biden has a bit of a temper too. Now that he can’t hide in his basement as much as before it would be good to see the president egg him on and make him lose it a little.

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Source: PJ Media: The Morning Briefing: Trump Needs to Pressure Biden to Come Clean About Court Packing