Trump Hits Fauci’s Credibility After He Complained Campaign Took Him ‘Out Of Context’


President Trump attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci’s credibility Tuesday after the medical expert criticized the president’s campaign for taking statements from him and using them in political ads.

In response to a tweet that featured a news article about Fauci’s condemnation of the ad, which was released over the weekend, the president tweeted on Monday, “Actually, Tony’s pitching arm is far more accurate than his prognostications. ‘No problem, no masks’. WHO no longer likes Lockdowns – just came out against. Trump was right. We saved 2,000,000 USA lives!!!”

Trump has repeatedly used Fauci’s old remarks, such as urging people not to wear masks in the beginning of the pandemic because experts were afraid medical workers would run out of supplies, in an effort to denigrate the health official. Additionally, the president’s remarks about lockdowns come a couple of days after the World Health Organization envoy, Dr. David Nabarro, said that restrictive shutdown measures should only be used as a last resort, given the significant ramifications.

Earlier this week, the Trump campaign took two clips from a March interview of Fauci on Fox News and spliced it together.

Fauci in the ad is quoted saying, “I can’t imagine that … anybody could be doing any more,” which is a reference to the president’s handling of the virus, although the fuller quote shows that he was speaking to the entire administration and not specifically to Trump.

“We’ve never had a threat like this. The coordinated response has been … there are a number of adjectives to describe it. Impressive, I think, is one of them. We’re talking about all hands on deck. I, as one of many people on a team, I’m not the only person. Since the beginning, that we even recognized what this was, I have been devoting almost full time on this. I’m down at the White House virtually every day with the task force. It’s every single day. So, I can’t imagine that under any circumstances that anybody could be doing more.”

Even though Fauci said he believes the ad should be taken down and that his words were taken “out of context,” the Trump campaign dismissed his complaint.

Author: Mike Brest, Breaking News Reporter

Source: Washington Examiner : Trump hits Fauci’s credibility after he complained campaign took him ‘out of context’