The CDC Has COVID-19 Checkpoints For Air Travel. Illegal Border-Jumpers, Not So Much.

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Here’s an interesting bit of COVID-19 hypocrisy from the Biden administration. The CDC now has a form for passengers to fill out regarding their COVID-19 status if they fly. In a policy that began on January 26, if you travel internationally and plan to return to the United States, you must obtain a negative COVID-19 test no more than three days before flying in. This requirement applies to anyone over the age of two flying from a foreign country, including U.S. citizens and legal residents.

The only exceptions to this requirement are flying in from a U.S. territory or the ability to provide documentation from a medical or public health professional that you have recovered from COVID-19 in the last three months. Not only do you need to provide the appropriate medical documentation. You also need to fill out a form swearing to the authenticity of the results.

By presidential proclamation, there are several countries from which entry is limited or prohibited if you have been physically present in them in the preceding 14 days. According to the CDC website, the restrictions on travel from China and Iran that began under President Trump still appear to be in force. However, on January 25, President Joe Biden placed restrictions on the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, the Schengen area of Europe (most of the continent), Brazil, and South Africa. We are all old enough to remember when COVID-19 travel restrictions were xenophobic, according to Biden:

Yet here he is excluding at least some black and brown people from entering the United States, and no one in the media is melting down. They are too busy putting out headlines that would make a propagandist in North Korea blush about the president showering Americans with cash and ending poverty or going to bed early after a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream. That might be why they haven’t noticed that a particular country is missing from the list: Mexico.

Leaving Mexico off the list seems like a glaring oversight given the number of people currently flowing over the southern border. According to a “Tucker Carlson Tonight” report, in one sector of the Rio Grande, illegal border crossings increased and now number 700-1000 migrants daily. The expectation is that these numbers will continue to rise in the coming months.

For illegal migrants, there is no form to fill out. And there is no policy or process to test these individuals. However, there is an initiative to ensure these migrants are released into the United States’ interior within 72 hours. In Brownsville, Texas, officials report at least 108 migrants have tested positive for COVID-19. City officials told Fox News they do not have the authority to quarantine these individuals, and they are getting on buses traveling to parts unknown.

In all likelihood, they will be settling in immigrant communities throughout the United States. These working-class communities have already been hit hard by the pandemic. It is bad enough they will have low-wage competition for work and other resources. Now they have the additional risk of COVID-19-positive migrants bringing some strain of the virus into their communities.

So, American citizens are inconvenienced if they are required to travel overseas. Business owners are persecuted in New Jersey for wanting to open their gym. A mother was tased for sitting by herself at a high school sporting event without a mask in Ohio. In California, ridiculous restrictions on outdoor dining closed a woman’s business while a catering company operated a few hundred yards away on a movie set. In Oregon, Governor Kate Brown threatened to fine and arrest those gathering for Thanksgiving. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti threatened to cut off power and water to homes that did not obey his lockdown orders. All in the name of COVID-19 safety. Governor Andrew Cuomo told New Yorkers what they had to eat in order to have a drink outdoors.

While Americans’ freedoms and liberty have been crushed for nearly a year and state leaders just now lifting government mandates are called Neanderthals by the president, illegal immigrants pour over the border and into the interior unfettered—with President Biden’s apparent blessing. With hypocrisy like this, people should stop wondering why policies that put their safety, security, and prosperity as the top priority were so attractive to American voters. And they should be shocked when that perspective grows.


Source:Pj Media : The CDC Has COVID-19 Checkpoints for Air Travel. Illegal Border-Jumpers, Not So Much.