Teenagers Charged With Carjacking And Killing DC Uber Driver To Get Plea Deal

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Two teenage girls charged in the fatal carjacking of an Uber Eats driver in Washington, D.C., last week will apparently be given a plea deal.

The deal, which the Washington Post reports will be offered in the next day or two, comes after the 13- and 15-year-old suspects were caught on video stealing the car from Mohammad Anwar, 66, before crashing it and fatally ejecting him from the car.

“In all kinds of ways, in D.C. at least, juveniles are treated differently,” Washington, D.C., Criminal Defense Attorney Nikki Lotze said, explaining that juveniles are presumed to have a better chance at rehabilitation than adults.

While the district’s laws prevent the 13-year-old suspect from being tried as an adult, the attorney general’s office could potentially petition for the 15-year-old’s case to be transferred to adult court.

Fox 5 DC confirmed through sources that the 13-year-old is suspected of being involved in another carjacking in January.

“How old that juvenile is, whether they’ve been juvenilely adjudicated previously. Whether they’ve — whether there’s a gun used in this case. In this case, there’s no firearm. It was a stun gun. So, there’s lots of determinations. There’s lots of factors to be considered for the attorney general, and then the judge, to make the decision that a person is better charged as an adult than a juvenile,” she added.

Lotze said that a plea agreement would involve admitting guilt and being placed in a youth shelter, home detention, or probation.

A GoFundMe page established to help Anwar’s family has raised over $1 million in roughly one week.

Author: Andrew Mark Miller, Social Media Producer

Source: Washington Examiner : Teenagers charged with carjacking and killing DC Uber driver to get plea deal: Report