Ted Cruz Call Israeli-Palestinian Clash A Direct Result Of Joe Biden’s Ambiguous Stance

Washington Times

Texas Republican credits Trump’s staunch pro-Israel position for keeping the peace

Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, said Wednesday that President Biden bears responsibility for the eruption of hostilities in the Middle East, blaming the Democrat’s “ambiguous” stance on Israel for emboldening Hamas.

Mr. Cruz credited former President Trump’s staunch support for Israel for creating “a flowering of peace in the Middle East,” including the historic 2020 Abraham Accords, blaming the turnaround on Mr. Biden for undermining Israel with moves such as seeking to reenter the Iran nuclear deal.

“The conflict we are seeing is the direct result of the tragic mistakes of the Biden foreign policy,” Mr. Cruz said. “And when you are ambiguous, when you are agonizing, when you undermine our support for Israel, what happens is it encourages the terrorists who attack and launch the kind of missile and rocket attacks we’re seeing right now.”

Israel launched airstrikes Monday against Hamas targets in Gaza after militants fired rockets at Jerusalem, escalating tensions that began weeks ago with Palestinian clashes with Israeli security forces over control of holy sites in East Jerusalem.

“It is exceptionally dangerous, and unfortunately I fear there is a good chance it will get worse, because Biden is not going to change and is going to continue for four years to systematically undermine Israel,” Mr. Cruz said.

Author: Valerie Richardson

Source: Washington Times : Cruz calls Israeli-Palestinian clash a ‘direct result’ of Biden’s ambiguous stance