Suspect Arrested For Tossing Firework At Restaurant Patrons Following Million MAGA March


The Metropolitan Police Department has arrested a man suspected of tossing a “commercial grade firework” at a group of people dining at a restaurant following the Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C., on Saturday evening.

Javien Michael Dawson, a 26-year-old local resident, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon for tossing a “commercial grade firework at several victims” on the 1600 block of K Street, NW, per police. The location is only two blocks from the White House.

Footage from the area, posted by NBC News reporter Shomari Stone, shows a crowd of people gathering around patrons at PJ Clarke’s restaurant. Moments later, someone in the crowd tosses a firework toward the restaurant patio, and it subsequently explodes on the patio. Stone identified some of the restaurant patrons as Trump supporters.

Daily Caller journalist Shelby Talcott reported that “everyone ran inside and workers locked the door” after the firework exploded. A different video of the scene, posted by TownHall editor Julio Rosas, shows the firework exploding in front of a couple.

Police said in a statement that the man suspected of tossing the firework fled the area immediately afterward but was later “apprehended by responding officers.”

According to NBC News-4, police arrested at least 21 people amidst the protests and unrest, including a handful of people for weapons charges, and two people for allegedly assaulting police officers. More than half of those arrested provided police with local or nearby addresses, while six were from outside the area, and one person didn’t give police an address. The political affiliations of the people arrested are not clear.

The Million MAGA March attracted thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump, who himself showed support for the marchers during the day and made a brief motorcade appearance when the marchers were near the White House.

As The Daily Wire previously reported:

Trump supporters waving Trump 2020 flags and signs demanding “Stop the Steal” marched from the Freedom Plaza near the White House down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Supreme Court building, protesting what many of them believe is a stolen election.

“I wanted to show my support for the president and make an effort to maximize the voice of those who believe that there are serious questions yet to be answered about the veracity of the results of this election,” one attendee said, who came up from North Carolina and spoke to The Daily Wire on condition of anonymity because he is active-duty military.

Author: Eric Quintanar

Source: Daily Wire: Suspect Arrested For Tossing ‘Commercial Grade Firework’ At Restaurant Patrons Following Million MAGA March