Rep Congressman Calls Rittenhouse’s Actions ‘100% Justified Self Defense’


A Republican House member is defending the actions of 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who allegedly shot several people Wednesday during a scuffle amid rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“100% justified self defense,” said Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar. “Do not try to take a weapon away from a man or bear the consequences.”

Two men died and another was shot during a minutelong sequence that unfolded in Kenosha as citizens spilled into the streets following the shooting of Jacob Blake on Sunday. Rittenhouse, who was spotted cleaning off graffiti from Reuther Central High School before the shooting, has been labeled as a white supremacist vigilante by leading politicians and news outlets on the Left, while his actions have been loudly hailed on the Right as justified amid the mayhem.

Gosar blamed the Kenosha local government for failing to subdue rioting and looting in the town. He added that Rittenhouse was acting as an “armed citizen,” protecting the private property of small businesses that were being attacked in the Blake shooting aftermath.

“The criminals here: Kenosha local government that allows the riots, burning and looting night after night,” Gosar said. “Armed citizens defending themselves will fill the vacuum.”

Videos of the shootings have been picked apart by digital investigators and have led some to call for Rittenhouse’s exoneration. They argue that Rittenhouse was retreating from attackers and fired his weapon in self-defense as one of the pursuants leveled a handgun at the teenager.

Daily Caller video editor Richie McGinniss, who was on the ground in Kenosha, posted a video interviewing Rittenhouse before the shootings took place. The teenager told McGinniss that he had traveled to Kenosha to “protect” small businesses.

“Our job is to protect this business, and part of my job is also to help people, if someone is hurt, I’m running into harm’s way,” Rittenhouse said. “That’s why I have my rifle with me because I need to protect myself, obviously, but I also have my med kit.”

Rittenhouse was charged late Thursday afternoon with first-degree reckless homicide and first-degree intentional homicide.

Author: Spencer Neale

Source: Washington Examiner: Republican congressman calls Kyle Rittenhouse’s actions ‘100% justified self defense’