Rand Paul: Trump Senate Impeachment Trial An Illegitimate Procedure Without John Roberts


Sen. Rand Paul says that a Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump that doesn’t include Chief Justice John Roberts would be an illegitimate process.

“If Justice Roberts won’t preside over this sham ‘impeachment’ then why would it ever be considered legitimate?” the Kentucky Republican tweeted Friday. “Hint: It won’t be.”

Later in the day, Paul joined Fox News’s Sean Hannity and elaborated on his impeachment stance, calling it an “illegitimate procedure” if Roberts isn’t there.

“It isn’t a real impeachment. It’s going to be a fake, partisan impeachment,” Paul said about a process without Roberts.

“The story is,” Paul continued, “that the chief justice is not going to be asked, but the reason he’s not going to be asked is he’s privately said he’s not supposed to come unless it’s an impeachment of the president.”

“So, this is an illegitimate procedure,” he said. “And even the chief justice of the Supreme Court, who’s not a rabid Trump person, who’s actually, if anything, sort of in the middle, he is now saying this is illegitimate because I’m not getting in the middle of this and I’m not coming over for this.”

It is unclear whether or not Roberts will preside over the Senate impeachment trial, set to begin on Feb. 9, and legal scholars have made conflicting arguments regarding the constitutionality of holding an impeachment trial for a private citizen.

Author: Andrew Mark Miller

Source Washington Examiner: Rand Paul: Trump Senate impeachment trial an ‘illegitimate procedure’ without John Roberts