President Trump Touts Vaccine Development During White House Vaccine Summit


President Trump recently touted his administration’s success in handling the rollout of a coronavirus vaccine. He made those remarks while speaking at the Operation Warp Speed summit Tuesday.

The Commander-in-Chief said under his leadership the expected approval of a coronavirus vaccine has come far earlier than anybody thought was possible.

“Very few people thought that this was possible,” he stated. “It has been incredible and it will end the pandemic.”

President Trump noted enough doses of Pfizer’s vaccine could be made available to 50 million Americans in the coming months. He also said that eventually every American who wants a vaccine will be able to receive one.

The President signed an executive order to prioritize making the vaccines available to Americans first before the U.S. aides foreign countries in their vaccination efforts. He said, if necessary, he may invoke the Defense Authorization Act to ensure it is enacted smoothly.

However, President Trump clarified that the U.S. is still working with other countries to help get vaccines in the hands of their citizens.

“We’re working very closely with other nations also to get the vaccines out to other nations and that’s very important,” he stated. “We have great companies and we’re working with the world.”

An FDA panel is scheduled to meet with Pfizer Thursday for a final review of its vaccine and is set to hold a similar meeting with Moderna later this month.

Author: OAN Newsroom

Source: OANN: President Trump Touts Vaccine Development During White House Vaccine Summit