President Trump Issues Massive Blow To The Democrat Agenda


While speaking to Republican lawmakers on Tuesday, President Trump issued a bold statement in what will be a massive blow to the Democrat agenda, suggesting that the federal government will reject Nancy Pelosi’s latest spending proposal attempting to drastically expand unemployment benefits across the nation. Democrats in Congress introduced this legislation in question earlier this month, including a laundry list of items perceived to be partisan policies that were snuck into the coronavirus relief bill.

Among some of the partisan additions to the legislation, there was a federal mandate requiring states to offer mail-in ballots to every registered voter in the nation, a second extended round of stimulus checks, and increased welfare programs, all adding up to an unbelievable total of $3 trillion.

Both President Trump and Republican lawmakers showed strong opposition to the controversial propositions from Democrats, explaining that the federal government does not want to delay the economic recovery by putting trillions of dollars of taxpayer money to the things that are not needed or impractical.

President Trump on Tuesday privately expressed opposition to extending a weekly $600 boost in unemployment insurance for laid-off workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic, according to three officials familiar with his remarks during a closed-door lunch with Republican senators on Capitol Hill.

The increased unemployment benefits — paid by the federal government but administered through individual states — were enacted this year as part of a broader $2 trillion relief package passed by Congress. The boost expires this summer, and House Democrats have proposed extending the aid through January 2021.

But congressional Republicans have said they are concerned that some workers are making more money on unemployment insurance than if they were on a payroll and therefore have less incentive to return to work or find a new job.

Ranking Republican Senator Lindsey Graham also issued his specific concerns about the uncontrollable spending bills coming out of Congress with President Trump, claiming that such policies like extending unemployment benefits will only end of delaying the economic recovery for the United States.

“You can extend some assistance, but you don’t want to pay people more unemployed than they’d make working. You should never make more than your actual wages,” said Senator Graham.

President Trump “agrees that that is hurting the economic recovery,” he added.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell dealt a heavy blow towards Nancy Pelosi for proposing this bill earlier this week, saying that he “doesn’t see the need right now” to be in negotiations with Democrats for another bill addressed for the coronavirus.

“If we reach a decision, along with the administration to move to another phase, that’ll be the time to interact with Democrats,” he claimed.

“But what you’ve seen in the House is not something designed to deal with reality but designed to deal with aspirations. This is not a time for aspirational legislation. This is a time for practical response to the coronavirus pandemic.”

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Author: Tyler Worley

Source: Daily Caller: Trump Turns Down Nancy Pelosi’s Latest Spending Proposal