Possible Lawsuits To Come Over Mueller Investigation

By Brett Samuels February 19, 2020 | Image Source: Matzav

President Trump on Tuesday suggested he may file lawsuits over the outcome of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, saying its findings are “badly tainted.”

The president in a series of tweets also made multiple misleading claims about Mueller and his investigation as he again lashed out over the trial of longtime associate Roger Stone, who is scheduled to be sentenced this week in a case stemming from the former special counsel’s probe.

“Everything having to do with this fraudulent investigation is badly tainted and, in my opinion, should be thrown out,” Trump tweeted.

“The whole deal was a total SCAM. If I wasn’t President, I’d be suing everyone all over the place,” he added. “BUT MAYBE I STILL WILL. WITCH HUNT!”

It’s unclear on what grounds the president could sue over Mueller’s findings, which were released by the Justice Department last April.

Trump, appearing to refer to the Stone case, tweeted it was conducted by “Mueller prosecutors,” though only two of the four prosecutors on the case worked for the former special counsel. The president also inaccurately claimed that Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election was “illegally set up” based in part on a dossier of salacious allegations about him.

Trump also repeated his claim that Mueller came to the White House seeking the FBI director’s job, a topic the former special counsel addressed in his 448-page report last year.

Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon told federal investigators that Mueller did not go to the White House seeking to become FBI director for a second time and was instead invited to offer “a perspective on the institution” to the president.

The president’s tweets excoriating the Mueller investigation followed another set of tweets in which he singled out the judge overseeing Stone’s trial.

Taken together, the barrage shows the president has refused to ease up on his attacks on the Justice Department in the wake of a warning from Attorney General William Barr that Trump was making his job “impossible” with his running “background commentary.”

Barr told ABC News last week that Trump never asked him to act in a criminal case, including Stone’s, but that tweets about the Department of Justice and its employees “make it impossible to do my job and to assure the courts and the prosecutors in the department that we are doing our work with integrity.”

Author: Brett Samuels

Source: The Hill: Trump suggests he may sue over Mueller investigation