People Who Made Nazi Comparisons To Trump Supporters Are Not Going To Stop


Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech mocked unity calls by Democrats and the media Monday as deeply unserious following weekend violence in the nation’s capital complemented by elites condemning a massive gathering of Trump supporters as Nazi collaborators.

“I noticed something that happened over the weekend,” Domenech said on “Fox and Friends,” “Which is that for George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum, now at The Atlantic, tweeted out something comparing the marchers of these peaceful law-abiding Americans in the cities, in Washington D.C. supporting President Trump, to Nazis.”

Domenech continued, noting that Frum’s Saturday tweet is by no means unique.

“They’re not going to stop. They’re going to keep going. They’re going to double-down. This is the guy who actually wrote the line ‘Axis of Evil,’ and he’s adding millions of Americans to it,” Domenech said. “This is the kind of thing that is only going to further undermine a media that is frustrated by the fact that they don’t have truth and reconciliation commissions, that they don’t see people being punished for the crime of supporting President Trump.”

Prominent left-wing liberals began escalating calls for retribution against Trump supporters almost immediately after the November contest where more than 73 million Americans voted for the Republican incumbent.

Hari Sevugan, a former Pete Buttigieg campaign staffer, announced the creation of the Trump Accountability Project which will erect dissident lists compiling the names of individuals in the administration to be punished.

“This speaks to what unity really means when it comes from the left, which is ‘you go along with what we want, always, and if you break from that, then you’re the problem.’”

Author: Tristan Justice

Source: The Federalist: Ben Domenech: People Who Made Nazi Comparisons To Trump Supporters Are Not Going To Stop