Melania Sends Care Packages To Hospitals


First lady Melania Trump on Thursday sent care packages to medical staff and children in hospitals across 10 states, including some of the hardest hit by the coronavirus.

The packages were shipped to hospitals in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Delaware, Nevada and the District of Columbia, The Associated Press reported Friday. The White House did not disclose which hospitals received the gifts.

“The medical community has gone above and beyond to protect the health of the American People,” the first lady said in a statement sent to the AP.

The packages contained items geared toward young patients, suck as blankets, caps, tote bags, pencils, backpacks, stickers, Dr. Seuss books and games. Trump described them as “just a small token of my appreciation for their courage and leadership in this time.”

The move follows last week’s praise from the first lady on Twitter for grocery store workers, power plant employees, and “those delivering mail & packages to all us at home & keeping the shelves stocked.”

Earlier this month, she tweeted a photo of herself wearing a face mask and encouraging Americans to wear them in public, after previously sharing a video of herself delivering the same message.

Author: J. Edward Moreno

Source: The Hill: Melania Trump sends care packages to hospitals in 10 states