Mainstream Media ‘Rooting For This Pandemic To Be Worse And Worse’

By Jeff Poor April 8th, 2020 | Image Source : Breitbart

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took a few jabs at the press during a Monday appearance on Fox News for its handling of coronavirus coverage.

According to the Texas Republican U.S. Senator, the mainstream media were rooting for “disaster,” given they believe it would be a mark against President Donald Trump.

Cruz cited an example of a tweet from The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler, who he challenged days earlier for questioning Trump’s remarks about unemployment at the State of the Union address last month.

“[Y]ou see the media — much of the mainstream media was trying to root for disaster,” Cruz said. “They’re rooting for this pandemic to be worse and worse. And you saw The Washington Post self-proclaimed fact-checker was cheering about a line from the State of the Union where the President said we had the lowest unemployment in 50 years. And The Washington Post was saying, ‘Well, that didn’t stand up well to the test of time.’”

“Well, no, you moron,” he continued. “We had the lowest level of African-American and Hispanic unemployment ever recorded until a global pandemic that originated in Wuhan came and ended up causing absolute chaos and catastrophe. But yet, the media — we should be coming together to root for America, to root for defeating this pandemic, to root for jobs coming back. And I think too many partisan Democrats want to just use this catastrophe to attack Trump rather than come together and fight for our country.”

Author: Jeff Poor

Source: Breitbart: Ted Cruz: Mainstream Media Are ‘Rooting for This Pandemic to Be Worse and Worse’