Left-Wing Activists Intimidate People Eating At A Restaurant: ‘White Silence Equals Violence!’


Rowdy protesters intimidated people eating at a restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Saturday night as they made a mess in the streets.

“The second night of protests against the Republican National Convention in Charlotte saw at least 100 people march in uptown then through part of South End,” The Charlotte Observer reported. “Several arrests were made after midnight. The night’s protests were overwhelmingly non-violent but, at times, tense. Police used pepper spray on the crowd multiple times.”

The protesters chanted, “White silence equals violence!” and “No Trump, no KKK, no racist USA!” while marching through the streets near what appeared to be a shopping center.


The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department tweeted out the following updates from the protest:

Two protestors arrested for assaulting officers on 3rd and Caldwell. A third protestors arrested for obstructing road with debris.

Demonstrator arrested on 3rd and Caldwell after repeatedly aggressing on police line.

Several demonstrators advanced on officers on Stonewall St. Officers deployed pepper spray.

Officers arrested a demonstrator armed with a gun on S. Tryon St.

Pepper spray was used to stop a protestor armed with a pole from advancing on officers.

The group Charlotte Uprising, a hard-left anti-police organization, reportedly “advertised on social media protests starting at Marshall Park at 8:30 p.m. each night throughout the weekend,” WBTV reported. “The message of the protests was to stop social injustice. They were also marching against President Trump and against police.”

“Charlotte Uprising spent several hours going over tricks on how to relieve their eyes if they are tear-gassed, and they are giving out numbers to call if any of them get arrested,” the local news station added. “Later in the evening, the group continued its protest against the RNC.”

A report from Fox News outlined the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) basic layout at their convention this week in Charlotte:

The official party business, including the official nominating of Trump to represent the party on the presidential ballot, will take place in Charlotte. Just six delegates from each state will attend, including two from each state who will set on the all-important Committee on Credentials, which officially seats the party’s delegates.

There will also be various training sessions and meetings for party leaders, and a possible visit from Trump, who will be in North Carolina on other business Monday.

A top Trump campaign official told Fox News that “we’re having calls about that today” when asked on Friday about a potential Trump appearance in Charlotte on Monday.

The business in Charlotte will take place at the Charlotte Convention Center. Attendees were provided with self-swab coronavirus tests before going to the convention and are being tested again with a nasal swab test when they arrive. Masks are mandatory, and social-distancing protocols, including chairs being placed 6 feet apart from each other, will be observed. In addition, the RNC will give each convention attendee badges to assist with contact tracing.

The agenda for the Charlotte convention, obtained by Fox News, indicates a strict stance on potential coronavirus spread.

The Washington Post reported that the RNC convention’s “marquee speeches” will take place “Thursday night on the South Lawn of the White House.”

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Source : Daily Wire : Left-Wing Activists Intimidate People Eating At Restaurant In Charlotte: ‘White Silence Equals Violence!’