Kanye: One Of The Most Racist Things’ Is For Liberals Suggesting ‘Black People Can’t Make Decisions For Ourselves’


Kanye West said the “one of the most racist things” he’s witnessed since hitting the campaign trail is liberals suggesting “black people can’t make decisions” on their own.

“One of the most racist things that liberals who pride themselves on not being racist have said to me, like, ‘You’re going to split the black vote,’” West told podcast host Joe Rogan in an interview aired Saturday. “That makes it seem like black people can’t make decisions for ourselves.”

“They literally make a statement that only black people will vote for me. Think about that statement! The nuance of institutionalized racism. … They just have a place where no one has really been able to embrace the idea of blacks not being in a block and staying in one place,” West, who threw his hat in the 2020 presidential election earlier this year, continued.

“You have to vote Democrat,” Rogan responded.

Yeah, or blacks having an opinion,” West added. “Like us not being on boards or us being handlers for other black people.”

The Trump campaign has touted its outreach to black voters as well as initiatives the administration has launched, including the president’s recently unveiled “Platinum Plan,” which increases access to money in black communities by almost $500 billion, among other things.

“For decades, Democrat politicians like Joe Biden have taken Black voters for granted. They made you big promises before every election—and then the moment they got to Washington, they abandoned you and sold you out,” Trump said when announcing the plan. “The Democrats will always take Black voters for granted until large numbers of Black Americans vote Republican.”

West’s comments come after comedian Chelsea Handler received pushback from some for saying she “had to remind” ex-boyfriend and rapper 50 Cent that he is black and thus should not vote for Trump.

I had to remind him that he was a black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump,” the comedian and television personality told Jimmy Fallon on Friday. “If he denounces Trump, I might be willing to go for another spin, if you know what I’m talking about.”

Conservative activist Candace Owens slammed Handler for the comment, calling her a “racist.”

“‘I had to remind him that he is a black person so he is not allowed to vote for Donald Trump’ -@chelseahandler, another racist white woman telling a black man, @50cent, what he is and is not allowed to do in 2020 America. WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA,” Owens tweeted.

Author : Emma Colton

Source : Washington Examiner : Kanye: ‘One of the most racist things’ is liberals suggesting ‘black people can’t make decisions for ourselves’