Joe Biden Tries To Destroy Georgia’s Economy

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Just as Democrats clammed up about Trump “putting kids in cages” now that President Biden is cramming kids into those same cages like some people pack their carry-on bags, they’ve also gone from screaming that Trump is a “lying liar who lies” to not caring a whit that Biden is turning out Whoppers faster than the Times Square Burger King.

Anyone who really knows Joe Biden would be flabbergasted at his claim of bringing truth and honesty back to the White House (his career highlights stretch from plagiarizing another pol’s speeches and life story to claiming he decided to run for President when he heard Trump say there were “very fine people” among neo-Nazis, a repeatedly debunked piece of fake news.) But his jihad against the new Georgia election integrity laws has resulted in a flurry of falsehoods that’s stunning even for him.

Then he compounded his unpresidential rhetoric by promoting a boycott of Georgia based on those falsehoods (FYI: Georgia is not only a state he’s supposed to be the President of, it’s one where a majority of voters reportedly backed him – unless he knows something we don’t.) Remember when he also claimed he’d be a “unity” President who wouldn’t misuse his position to attack his political opponents? I guess that was another lie.

Wednesday, Biden declared that he would “strongly support” moving the Major League All-Star Game out of Atlanta in retaliation for the election law, which he has branded as “sick” and “Jim Crow in the 21st century.” (Another lie: some of the bills’ provisions merely return to norms in place before the 2020 pandemic, not the Jim Crow era.)

Okay, since he’s actively trying to destroy Georgia’s economy (and not in the usual way Democrats destroy economies), let’s break down his problems with the Georgia election law and show that they are one lie after another.

* Biden claimed that the law will make it hard for working people to vote by shutting down polls at 5 p.m. Except it doesn’t do that. It only allows early voting sites to close by 5, but they don’t have to, while it actually expands early voting. That lie (or possibly in Biden’s case, brain glitch) was so egregious that even the Washington Post fact-checker gave it “Four Pinocchios.”

* He claimed that the law bans providing water to people standing in voting lines. False. It bans campaign workers from giving money or gifts such as food or beverages to voters inside or near polling places. But voters can bring their own food and beverages, or order them delivered, or poll workers can set up self-service water dispensaries. This is virtually identical to laws in multiple states that ban electioneering at the polls and that Democrats have never challenged.

* The biggest lie that’s being used as the basis for attacking all voter ID laws is that they suppress minority voting. I told you already that a new Rasmussen survey of likely voters found that 75% of likely voters approve of requiring voters to show ID, and that includes 74% of whites, 69% of blacks and 82% of all other minorities.

Maybe that’s because an eight-year study of voter ID laws between 2008 and 2016 by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that they had “no negative effect on registration or turnout, overall or for any specific group defined by race, gender, age or party affiliation.”

The study found that this was not due to anti-voter ID law campaigns boosting turnout. In fact, “no statistically observable change in voting behavior could be attributable to voter ID laws.” They also found no significant drop in registration rates in states that imposed voter ID laws or that purged ineligible voters from the rolls (I admit that surprised even me: I assumed that removing dead people would reduce Democratic turnout.)

Voter ID laws also had no significant impact on campaign contact, frequency of campaign signs, volunteering for campaigns or levels of donations to campaigns, which were all nearly identical in states with or without voter ID laws.

That leaves only the Democrats’ specious claim that such laws are unnecessary because they catch so few people who are voting fraudulently. But the study said that’s difficult to verify, since election fraud often goes undetected, and when it is detected, prosecutors often opt to take no action (tell me about it!) Meanwhile, voter ID laws deter people from even trying to vote illegally, so there is no fraud to record.

And with that last sentence, I think we’ve finally hit on the real truth about why Biden is so adamantly opposed to election integrity laws that he’s willing to lie his facemask off to block them.

Author: Mike Huckabee

Source: Mike Huckabee : Joe Biden tries to destroy Georgia’s economy