Joe Biden Hits Golf Ball In The Wrong Direction

MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

American presidents are well known for playing golf, but as the video shows, Joe Biden did not do the White House any favors with his sad excuse for a chip shot during a recent game.

Not only did Biden not get his ball up on the green, he actually hit the ball in the wrong direction and back out onto the fairway.

Going back all the way to the 27th President, William Howard Taft, our commanders in chief have been socking the little white ball around the links. Indeed, the only presidents since Taft did not play during their presidencies were Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman, and Jimmy Carter. FDR also did not play while in office because polio had disabled him many years before going to the White House. However, he was a golfer when he was in his 30s and was said to have loved the game.

Some presidents were better than others. It is said that Calvin “Silent Cal” Coolidge was a poor duffer and even abandoned his clubs at the White House when he left D.C. O the other hand, Eisenhower was an excellent and avid golfer. However, he often took criticism for golfing too much. Obama played more than nearly every other president on record and is a lefthander — which may seem fitting. Lyndon Johnson, Clinton, and Trump were often accused of playing a bit too loose with the rules. Still, with his single-digit handicap, Trump is probably one of the best golfers of all our past presidents.

As to Biden, some sources claim he has a six handicap, but almost no one in the world of golf believes the claim. According to All Square Golf, other reports estimate that Biden’s handicap is “a more modest 10.”

His first outing as president was so bad; it led him to joke with reporters that the “course record is still intact.”

By some reports, Biden is not very good. Back when he was still Ohio’s Governor, left-leaning Republican John Kasich even directly accused Biden of being a cheater and not living up to the six handicap billing. “Joe Biden told me that he’s a good golfer, and I can tell you that’s not true, as well as all the other things that he says,” Kasich said in 2012.

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Source: Breitbart : WATCH: Joe Biden Hits Golf Ball in the Wrong Direction