Is Trump Really Trying To ‘Sabotage’ The Postal Service?


They’re calling it the “Friday Night Massacre.” Postmaster General Louis DeJoy fired some of the USPS top executives and transferred or demoted several others. DeJoy’s move follows several other changes he made in the spring, including eliminating overtime and tweaking the delivery system. The reforms were in response to nationwide complaints that mail delivery has been slowed following the implementation of crucial changes to cut costs and reduce the $2.2 billion deficit the USPS ran from April to June.

The reorganization comes with a management hiring freeze and incentives for early retirement. DeJoy is trying to streamline and modernize the cumbersome USPS bureaucracy.

But Democrats have fashioned an elaborate conspiracy theory involving Trump, DeJoy, and an attempt to slow down mail delivery and discourage people from voting in the November election.


Rep. Gerry Connolly of Virginia, the congressional Democrat who chairs the committee overseeing the postal service, called the moves “sabotage.”

“Postmaster General DeJoy is calling this a “modified organizational structure.” It’s really a Trojan Horse,” said Connolly on Twitter, sharing a Washington Post report about the changes. “Deliberate sabotage to disrupt mail service on the eve of the election — an election that hinges on mail-in ballots.”

“Deliberate sabotage”? A “Trojan Horse”? Or is the Postal Service a bloated, anachronistic dinosaur that’s being held together by a string?

One liberal commentator didn’t beat around the bush. He said DeJoy was helping Trump in his re-election bid.

According to Brian Tyler Cohen, a liberal commentator and podcast host, “Congressional Democrats need to do something about this” immediately.

“If we wait until October/November, it’ll be too late,” said Cohen. “Trump is actively sabotaging the election under our noses—this isn’t theoretical, it’s happening RIGHT NOW.” Cohen said this situation should be treated like a “f**king five-alarm fire” and said action must be taken by both lawmakers and the U.S. public without delay.

He went even further, tweeting, “Use inherent contempt powers to bring DeJoy to testify (now, not in 6 weeks). Pass legislation codifying timely mail delivery (even if that means paying overtime), include USPS funding in the next relief bill (non-negotiable).”

The more hysterical liberals get about this, the sillier their demands become. “Codify” timely mail delivery? Just how is that to be done? They were paying overtime before and the mail was still delayed. Sheesh.

What makes the whole “sabotage” narrative even sillier is that for it to be true, Trump would need the cooperation of hundreds of thousands of postal employees — union employees — not predisposed to support the president’s re-election bid.

And it’s silliest of all to claim that changing managers and some procedures would have any effect at all on this hidebound independent agency that needs a total reorganization and modernization overhaul to meet the needs of a modern, industrialized mobile society.

Author: Rick Moran

Source: PJ Media: Is Trump Really Trying to ‘Sabotage’ the Postal Service?