Hunter Biden Played Armchair Therapist To Stripper In 14-Minute Recording On Laptop

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A taped conversation between Hunter Biden and an unidentified stripper devolved into a therapy session where the president’s son promoted stripping as a great career choice for intelligent, talented women.

In the May 2018 recording, Biden appeared to be an expert of sorts, saying he’s been “to almost every club on every continent except one and every country that I can think of from Cairo … to China.” The strippers he met along the way aren’t proud of their jobs but they should be, because every woman has the “ultimate toolkit.”

The recording was contained in the laptop Biden allegedly abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop, which fell into the hands of several allies of former President Donald Trump, including Steve Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist. The recording was provided to the Washington Examiner  by Jack Maxey, former co-host of Bannon’s War Room  podcast.

The pair appeared to know each other well as Biden praised the woman for publicly acknowledging that she is a stripper and compared her to stripper-turned-global rapper Cardi B.

“The bravery from you is extraordinary because almost no one came forward before you started to do this,” Biden said. “I’ve never met one that was like you. When you think about it, Cardi B didn’t do what you did.”

The woman mentioned that Cardi B had worked in a grocery store and lived with an abusive boyfriend before hitting it big. Then the following exchange occurred:

“Why is that the choice society pushes on every woman to be a checkout girl at the A&P grocery store?” Biden said.

The stripper responded, “How is that not so degrading?”

Biden then remarked that women working at a grocery store can’t afford college, but if they were “dancing with your clothes off for money for men all over the world” then college would be attainable.

Stripper: “Save up, invest…”

Biden: “Or buy a Mercedes and live in an apartment by yourself and only take care of yourself? Who in the world can say to a woman that they cannot make a choice for a talent they have? But more than talent, it’s something every woman has. It is the ultimate…”

Stripper: “Toolkit!”

Biden: “Toolkit. And women use it whether they are at the checkout line or at the club. If they’re at the checkout line, and they’re not getting anything in return from it. They’re not using it for anything but their own survival, protection against an abusive man, protection against…”

Stripper: “Society!”

The woman bemoaned the fact that being an exotic dancer is not exactly mainstream but becoming more acceptable.

“You have people finally saying, ‘Oh you’re a stripper, that’s cool. … Maybe I should put strippers in my fashion show because they’re real people too,’” she said. “’And they’re pretty, and they look good in clothes, too.’”

Biden said he has told every exotic dancer he knows that they should respect themselves, be proud, and not hide their career choice from relatives or employers.

“In an all-female profession almost all of them attempt to earn the money for their children. If it’s not for their children, it’s for their mother,” Biden said.

Author: Tori Richards, Investigative Reporter

Source: Washington Examiner : Hunter Biden played armchair therapist to stripper in 14-minute recording on laptop