‘He Legally Turned It Over’: Rudy Giuliani Defends Delaware Shop Owner’s Actions On Hunter Biden’s Purported Laptop


President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani defended the Delaware computer repair shop owner who reportedly turned over a laptop that allegedly belonged to Hunter Biden.

The contents of the laptop’s hard drive reportedly included several emails relating to Biden’s foreign business dealings that have come to the national interest of congressional Republicans and the Trump campaign.

“The process was that the laptop was left by Hunter Biden, in an inebriated, heavily inebriated state with the merchant,” Giuliani told conservative radio host David Webb of SiriusXM Patriot 125 on Thursday. “The merchant fixed the laptop, tried to reach out to Hunter Biden, and Hunter Biden never came back for it. The document that I have signed by Hunter Biden says that after 90 days, the hard drive is abandoned, and becomes the property of the merchant.”

The shop owner told the New York Post that he had given a copy of the computer’s hard drive to Giuliani, who later provided a copy of the drive to the tabloid earlier in October. The New York Post subsequently published some of the contents in the hard drive on Wednesday, including an email that spoke of potentially setting up a meeting between a senior official from Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings, where he sat on the board, and his father, former Vice President Joe Biden.

The story, which was published Wednesday, raised concerns about the Democratic presidential nominee’s former comments asserting he had not discussed private business affairs with any of his relatives. The Biden campaign has categorically denied the meeting took place.

Giuliani said the shop owner had become concerned that he might have evidence of crimes sitting in his office, so he decided to hand over the computer.

“He listened to it, and he found that he did,” Giuliani said. “He had legal possession of it. He legally turned it over to the FBI, and then he legally turned it over to my lawyer. It’s now his property. He can do what he wants with it.”

The water-damaged MacBook Pro was brought in during April 2019, but the customer who had dropped it off never paid for the service or retrieved it, according to the New York Post. The shop owner said he believed the computer had belonged to Hunter Biden because it had a sticker from the Beau Biden Foundation, named for his late brother and former Delaware attorney general. The owner said he tried to contact the customer several times.

Author: Mica Soellner

Source: Washington Examiner: ‘He legally turned it over’: Rudy Giuliani defends Delaware shop owner’s actions on Hunter Biden’s purported laptop