FDA To Approve Pfizer Vaccine For Individuals 12-15 Years Old Next Week

AP Photo/Virginia Mayo

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that Pfizer’s two-dose coronavirus vaccine will be approved for individuals ages 12-15 next week. Over 100 million adults have already received the vaccination in full.

The news is a step in the right direction in the effort to get a majority of Americans vaccinated, that was first spearheaded by the Trump administration. Still, the Biden administration has avoided committing to reopening schools in the Fall, despite overwhelming evidence that a return to traditional, in-person learning is safe.

“The clearance would be a major development in the nation’s vaccination campaign and welcome news to parents anxious to protect their children during summer activities and before the start of the next school year…Pfizer reported several weeks ago that none of the adolescents in the clinical trial who received the vaccine developed symptomatic infections, a sign of significant protection. The company announced in late March that volunteers produced strong antibody responses and experienced about the same side effects seen in people ages 16 to 25 years,” New York Times reported.

The results of Moderna’s two-dose vaccine clinical trial for the same age category are still pending.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Townhall : FDA to Approve Pfizer Vaccine for Individuals 12-15 Years Old Next Week