ESPN Anchor: ‘Extremist Right-Wing Agitators’ Mostly Responsible For Violent Protests


Tuesday, ESPN “First Take” co-host Max Kellerman reacted to UFC fighter Colby Covington slamming “woke athletes” and other “spineless cowards” such as NBA superstar LeBron James after defeating Tyron Woodley over the weekend.

In an attempt to troll the outspoken conservative Covington before their fight, Woodley donned a fake MAGA hat and stated “Black Lives Matter” multiple times. Following the fight, Covington criticized Black Lives Matter as a “sham” and a terrorist organization. He also called Woodley a “Marxist” who “hates America.”

Kellerman, who accused Covington of invoking politics to be relevant, discussed the Black Lives Matter protests following George Floyd’s in Minneapolis and Jacob Blake’s in Kenosha. He noted that 93% of the protests have been peaceful, and then said “a big percentage” of the violent protests have been the result of “extremist right-wing agitators.”

“First of all, a few of the things he said when he talks about like Black Lives Matter — 93 percent of the protests are peaceful,” Kellerman outlined. “The vast, overwhelming majority are peaceful. And by the way, the seven percent that are not, they have a very broad definition of what’s not quote, unquote ‘peaceful.’ Like, if you block traffic or something like that. Or if you respond to police provocation. And even then, a big percentage of that that wasn’t peaceful is actually … extremist right-wing agitators posing as protesters in order to make the protests look bad.”

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Author: Trent Baker

Source: Breitbart: ESPN’s Kellerman: ‘Extremist Right-Wing Agitators’ Mostly Responsible for Violent Protests