Burgess Owens Responds After White NBA Coach Catches Flak For Donating To His Campaign


Former NFL defensive back and current congressional candidate Burgess Owens responded to a controversy over an NBA coach’s donation to his campaign by asking whether the Black Lives Matter movement only cares about black lives if they “think how you tell them to.”

“How much do ‘black lives matter’ to the people upset that a good man donated to the states ONLY BLACK CANDIDATE running for Congress, because he disagrees with their stance on BLM Inc,” the Super Bowl champion said in response to the controversy over a donation to his campaign from Utah Jazz head coach Quin Snyder. “Do black lives only matter when they think how you tell them to?”

The clash began with an article written by the Salt Lake Tribune’s Utah Jazz beat writer, Andy Larsen, which focused on two donations of $500 to Owens’s campaign to represent Utah’s 4th District in Congress.

“New story: Jazz head coach Quin Snyder donated $500 2x to GOP congressional candidate Burgess Owens, who has spoken against BLM and NBA players’ protests,” Larsen tweeted. “I tried to dig in to the context around the donations. Snyder and the Jazz declined to comment.”

In the article, Larsen writes that “the donations are likely to surprise some given the public stances of the two men,” pointing out that Snyder knelt with his players for the national anthem and mentioning Owens’s stated position that Black Lives Matter is a “Marxist organization.”

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors stated in a 2015 interview that her group is led by “trained Marxists.”

The donations in question were made on May 3, roughly a month before the death of George Floyd, and June 3, roughly a week after Floyd’s fatal encounter with police.

Several prominent conservative Twitter accounts criticized the insinuation that Snyder’s support of the NBA’s Black Lives Matter demonstrations and donations to Owens’s campaign were incompatible.

“DEAR KAREN, Delete your account immediately. You’re a disgrace to sentient beings all over the cosmos,” conservative author and podcast host Dan Bongino tweeted. “Thanks, The Sane People.”

“Lame attempt to intimidate a public figure into not using his right to participate in the political process,” National Republican Senatorial Committee senior adviser Matt Whitlock tweeted. “Also interesting to make the point of inquiry about a black candidate not supporting black issues enough.”

“‘The context of it’ — there’s an election coming up maybe?” trial lawyer and GOP committeewoman Harmeet K. Dhillon tweeted. “Just guessing.”

Others on Twitter voiced support for the premise of the article, including basketball reporter Lucas Hann, who thanked Larsen for holding perpetrators of “white supremacy” accountable.

“Thank you for writing this, Andy, in a local climate that is clearly hostile towards efforts to name white supremacy and hold its perpetrators accountable,” Hann tweeted.

Owens responded to Hann’s tweet by saying he’s fought against white supremacy “more than you’ll ever know.”

“Look, I have fought white supremacists more than you’ll ever know,” Owens said. “I’ve picketed against segregation, I have scars on my body from the racism of decades past. You want to talk to me about who wants to ‘hold white supremacists accountable’?”

Owens added, “You’re not truly ‘woke’ until you accuse black people who fought segregation of white supremacy I guess.”

Larsen attempted to clarify the impetus for the article, explaining that it’s “obviously fine” for Snyder to have made the donation.

“Okay one more attempt to clarify here: the story is NOT ‘Quin Snyder donated to a GOP candidate.’ That’s obviously fine!” he tweeted Saturday. “The story is ‘Quin Snyder made one impression with his public statements and made another with his donations.’ That’s all!”

Owens responded to criticism of Larsen by urging Twitter users not to launch personal attacks against the reporter.

“While I think the criticism on the article is very fair,” Owens tweeted, “I’m noticing a lot of personal attacks on Andy I don’t believe are fair, or right. Argue content, argue what’s ‘news’ but never forget you’re talking to another human being who just sees things a little differently.”

The Utah Jazz did not immediately return a request for comment.

Author: Andrew Mark Miller

Source: Washington Examiner: Burgess Owens responds after white NBA coach catches flak for donating to his campaign