Border Patrol Union: Media Quiet As Biden Illegally Holds Unaccompanied Migrant Children

By John Hawkins February 26th, 2021 | Image Source: Bongino

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Remember all the fake liberal outrage about Donald Trump holding “kids in cages?” Well, you aren’t hearing much of it now that Joe Biden is doing the same thing. What you didn’t hear back then is that Trump, like Obama before him, didn’t have a lot of choices.

When you have large numbers of minors breaking the law and they don’t have an adult relative with them, you have to put them somewhere while you figure out where they’re going. In a better world, we’d just put them on a bus back home, but we’re not legally allowed to do that. So, we end up with what they now call “migrant facilities for children” under Biden AKA “kids in cages” when Trump was in office.

The Border Patrol Union has also noted that Biden is keeping these kids in “migrant facilities for children” longer than the law allows. As they told Breitbart:

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told Breitbart Texas that as of Monday, Border Patrol officials held more than 800 Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) in custody. Despite the legal requirement to release the children to other federal agencies within 72 hours, more than 212 remained in custody longer than the legal limit.

“Today, [White House Press Secretary] Jen Psaski said the Administration could not hold the children in other locations due to the Covid protocols including social distancing,” Judd told Breitbart, “but what she didn’t tell the media was that the children in [Border Patrol’s] custody were being held in conditions that have nearly no way to social distance.”

…“The hypocrisy from the left and the mainstream media truly shows they care nothing for the children they used as pawns to attack President Trump.” Judd said.

Of course, this issue and the way we handle it has always been a ridiculous scam. We take these kids that break the law out of these facilities and try to place them some relative in the United States instead of some illegal alien version of juvie hall, which is where they belong. Good luck finding them when it’s time for their court date and it’s hard to miss the fact that instead of getting punished, these kids are being rewarded. They get to stay in the United States and they have a great chance of being handed citizenship one day under an updated version of DACA. Our immigration laws are a joke and the sad reality is that we don’t even enforce them under Democrats like Joe Biden. Americans deserve better.

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Author: John Hawkins

Source: Bongino : Border Patrol Union: Media Quiet as Biden Illegally Holds Unaccompanied Migrant Children