Bill Clinton Dashes Into Bunker When Pressed About Epstein ‘Lolita Express’ Flights


Billionaire former hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested and charged with sex crimes against minors. It was apparently a long time coming and many already knew the stories of his aberrant and perverse sexual proclivities. For years, Epstein was reportedly trafficking girls as young as 14 and then sexually abusing them. He has powerful friends. Former President Bill Clinton, President Donald Trump, and the British Royal Family all have ties to this man. Trump said he wasn’t a fan of Epstein, had a falling out with him years ago, and really hasn’t seen or spoken to him since. For Slick Willy, he’s flown on Epstein’s jet many times. Dubbed the “Lolita Express” there are six times the former president took a chartered flight on this plane. When asked about these trips by Jerry Dunleavy of The Washington Examiner, the former president ran into the bunker. It seems Hillary Clinton isn’t the only one who is good at stonewalling the press (via Washington Examiner):

Former President Bill Clinton tried to push back on reporting about trips he took with Jeffery Epstein where Secret Service were not listed on flight manifests, but failed to address why records show he took six separate trips on the “Lolita Express.”

Clinton’s press secretary Angel Ureña said Monday that Clinton had traveled four times in total with the alleged child sex trafficker, and “Supporters of the Foundation, and his Secret Service detail, traveled on every leg of every trip.”

Ureña only responded to a Washington Examiner inquiry about the trips after publication. Ureña did not reply to repeated questions about the discrepancy between the number of trips Clinton, 72, said he took with Epstein and the flight logs. He stated that the Secret Service would say that”President Clinton has never declined protection.”

A Secret Service spokesperson said only: “Former President Clinton has never declined Secret Service protection.” The spokesperson did not answer detailed Washington Examiner questions about why the Epstein flight records indicated that Clinton was not accompanied by Secret Service on two 2002 trips — one in Asia and one in Africa.

Neither Ureña nor the Secret Service said that Secret Service agents were present during the two 2002 trips.

This case has disturbing details concerning Epstein and his activities. Now-former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta hashed out the controversial sweetheart deal with Epstein over a decade ago that allowed him to avoid hard prison time for his crimes. Reportedly, at the time, Acosta and his team thought there was a good chance that Epstein could walk free if this went to trial. Nevertheless, the fallout led to him resigning from his post today. Guy wrote about the theory that Epstein was an intelligence source. We’ll keep you posted.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Townhall: Bill Clinton Dashes Into The Bunker When Pressed About Jeffrey Epstein ‘Lolita Express’ Flights