Biden Short-Circuits Again, Debuts New Angry Whisper Thing


Joe Biden, our president, spoke at the White House on Thursday. The last time we saw him address the press, he lashed out at a reporter who asked him an unapproved question. Biden did a lot of other embarrassing things too. Also, Biden is the most popular president in the history of history AND someone we’re told is in complete control of his mental faculties. Lest our lying eyes tell us otherwise.

Biden — remember, this man has the nuclear codes — must have gotten a talking-to about angrily yelling at reporters. Not that reporters will do anything about it as long as Jen Psaki leaves the money on the nightstand. It’s still a bad look for the White House. The compromise was that Biden will keep his voice down. That’s turned into this creepy angry whisper that’s just … dude.

Go back and watch any video of Biden from 2016 or so. I’ll even provide a link for one. We’ll continue when you get back.

We’re an embarrassing press conference away from Big Tech circling the wagons and throttling any post implying Biden is a senile nincompoop. Or that Jill Biden and the others who control Biden should be brought up on senior abuse charges. But I defy anyone to look at a Joe Biden video from four years ago and tell me that 2021 Biden is playing with a full deck.

This guy’s brain is mushier than what he just dropped in his underpants. We’re a crisis away from him having a stroke and being replaced by Kevin Kline playing a Biden impersonator. If he were Homer Simpson, we’d zoom in on his brain and see a monkey who just banged his cymbals together for the last time. Biden’s two tacos short of a combination platter. And he just had the taco delieveryman deported for not knowing what a “LatinX” is.

I cop to having a partisan opinion. If you’re reading this I’d venture that you do as well. Ask that special liberal in your life if any of this is normal to them. Because either they’re lying, or they are biding their time until Kamala executes Order: 25th Amendment.

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