Alex Trebek Leaves Estate To Trump 2020

By Harry Helmet April 15th, 2020 | Image Source : Conservative Tears

Legendary game show host and life insurance salesman Alex Trebek died today as a result of complications. He was 80 years old and leaves behind many children and grandchildren. He will long be remembered as a television icon, champion of education, learning, and family values.

It is a little-known fact that Alex Trebek was a lifelong Republican and a fervent Trump supporter. In his last will and testament, he even left behind his estate to the Trump campaign as he said: “it is the best thing I can do for the future of my grandchildren.”

The estate is estimated to be valued at 100 million dollars and will be used to win in November.

Friend of Trebek, Senator Joe Barron, said that Alex Trebek will always be remembered as being a generous soul that would do anything to help someone in need.

“Yeah, no one really knew he was a conservative. They just assumed because he was on that smart person show in TV he had to be a liberal. But since facts don’t matter and none of this is real to me, he’s a Republican and therefore a good man that would help anyone in need. He will be missed and we are glad he left his estate to a worthy cause.”

It is a sad day to lose such a great man, but we must look at the bright side of the great life he lived, and most importantly, the fortune he is leaving behind to benefit future generations by supporting Donald Trump. Rest in peace, good sir. You’ve certainly earned it.

Author: Harry Helmet

Source: Conservative Tears: Alex Trebek Dead At 80, Estate Left To Trump 2020